Block on Smash - Chamillionaire

I got the block on smash
I got the block on smash
Hey, hey-yay-ey, mmmm...

I got the block on smash
But what I'm gon' do with all this doggone cash?
If you do your thang, I'ma make it rain
But only if you work it like I work my wood grain
I got the ice on chill
What I'm gon' do with all these hundred dollar bills?
Hundred dollar bills, you know what it is
But only if you work it like I work my wood wheel

[Verse 1]
Koopa, she thought about my riches and said "Give me what you have"
And then she told her homegirl to go and get a couple bags
And that's when I replied and said "You must be bad at math"
My money flow like water, let's dive in and take a bath
Splash, I'ma put some credit on the tab
You see the card that's black and that's the equivalent of cash
I'ma personalise my tags and call my slab the cab
Cause when she's hoppin in, yeah she gon' have to pay for that
Relax, cause I got my speakers to the max
When I speak and start massagin it's like lotion on your back
Every club that I hit is packed, everything I say is fact
So if I said it you can bet that it's gon' always be exact

Haha, hi hater, I know what you thinkin
Why all the girls gotta slide towards him when he fall off in the club?
That's cause I'm smellin like ten thousand dollar cologne
You like what kind of cologne cost ten thousand dollars?
That's that Wells Fargo Number Nine, take a sniff of success baby


[Verse 2]
Boucin to the boot, lookin for ladies to recruit
You can check and see that the swanger's sittin crooked like a tooth
Vodka with the juice, now she tellin me that she loose
Now she tellin me by the train and saying her friend is the caboose
(True, true) Oops, I promised not to kiss and tell
Cause I don't tell and might as well say that I ain't gon' kiss your girl
I'ma bail in a Chevelle and just smoke, gon' leave a trail
Swanger swangin while I'm slowly slidin sluggish like a snail
Chamillionaire yeah! And I'm still popped up crooked
Actin like we don't see the watchers lookin
Plenty of heat in that stash spot, just cookin
Gonna make me open up a box of whoopin


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