Fuckin with Cars - Chamillionaire

you bust the windows out my car
I already told you playing I wasnt with
so Ima come knock on your n_gga, sh_t
cant hit you so he'll ? come see me please
better get your b_tch before she gets you scarred
best ? to tell her not to come around here
my gal got a 44 to keep the area clear
take heater ? her somewhere I'll bury you near
for busting windows out my car
not tripping on the whip that sh_t's expendable
but you gotta understand the principle
even now Im trying to be sensible
f_ck that b_tch you bust the windows out my car
Ill come through now and put your sh_t up in smoke
something inside your mind has got to broke
for you to risk everything you got cuz you missing ?
gotta go bust windows out my car
it aint my fault that you took it too far
play by the rules guess you forgot who you are
simple role play you are not the star
somebody better call the law
fore I call my folks to break you off
n_ggas and b_tches
thats doing the sh_t yeah you stupid
stop all of that counting and stalking
youre not number one and you knew it
now you cant even n_gga f_ck cuz you blew it
should have listened when you told yourself you shouldnt do it
now your in a cell face drinking fluid
and thats where you are for
being stupid f_cking with cars

(she got like that charlie? hold up man
listen up)
charlie forgot to tell you after you then she called me
she said she got to houston so I met her at ?
well its a long story but I bet you she probably
on the way to try to bust the window out them impaly
she said her exfriend was the way that she found me,
when I was with her she was speaking about you real hardly
I was really addicted to the shape of her body
had her coming out her cloth stepping out the cavalli
she's raw a a sushi plate without the wasabi
until she said she rap and chamillille could you sign me
had to go our seperate ways just like whitney and bobby
accidently fell asleep and she was laying beside
woke up to realize she already was outty
then I, put on my shoes and went down to the lobby
look at what she did to my car G
she busted your windows and now looks like she done got me

oh no, not the benz, crazy girl man, alright, call them up

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