Ima Playa FaSho - Chamillionaire

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
Southern playa listic cadillac hustla music
Pullin up in my new ish and yo girlfriend goin start to loose it
I got her sayin (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I got her sayin (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I got her sayin
Y'all know the sayin that a playa get choose and baby you know I'ma playa fasho (yeah I'ma playa fasho)

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Na you can't choose me know that they say that true playas get choose
And I am truly one of them boys that be ridin on 4's
Na you can't use me any man could'nt touch me with a 10 foot pool
At night I'm usually on 84's gettin into my hustla mode
Explode on a hatta stop actin like ya slow
Just act like you a psychic and start actin like ya know
I'm braided in the frow
She show up to the show
She show up with her patnas she show up to the ho-
telli I'ma tell her to do her thing and go
Back,Back,Back,Back like hawk and that bullet O
Remoteless time of vehicles the key doesn't matter
You come with conversation we got heat for the chadder
At ease with the swagger
Wont see no one better
He way above the lames you know like he's on a ladder
Bun B goin get at her, Pimp C goin get at her
Cause it ain't really fun if the homies can not have her
Told me she got some paper, told me she got a man
Well how long you have that problem let me fix it cause I can
Have you headin towards jamaica jecepis on the sand
And i'll let them other s_cka's put that ring off on ya hand
And that's the plan


[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
She told me stop chasin that paper you need to take a breather
And then I looked at her and said you must be on that reefa
Stop actin like latifah cause you ain't no aretha
In other words I mean you need to stop actin like a diva
Cause you know how it go koopa don't want and don't need ya
And when it come to grindin I am an ova achiever
Cause broke is out of style like camo pants and filas
My card is black enough to make a doubter a believer


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