In My City Mayne - Chamillionaire

(Mayne, Cannon, Cannon)

[Verse - Chamillionaire]
Northside, Northside, man I love that Northside
Shout out to the little Korean lady 'cause she starch my
Jeans, super clean, yes I'm clean as her detergent
Hoppin in the 'burban to do what we call swervin (mayne)
It's the Southside, got me ridin past Worth and
Lights in the trunk, givin boppers the diversion
Got the burner, phone from a hustler in a turban
Still lookin for 'em 'cause today it isn't workin (mayne)
Swervin, got my eyes open for the pot hole
Messed up my 26 inch, number cuatro
Don't happen a lot though, chunk a deuce to vato
That's the little homie that I'm knowin that'll knock yo (mayne)
Hard headed cranium, that's if you ever play with him
I don't know what arcade all you s_ckers think you playin in
Can't calm him down, no, nothin you can say to him
Get back to your crib, you best be happy that you made it then
The fade is in, so I had to go and cut off the braids
Got the Northside tradin all they braids for some waves
Koopa he don't know the definition of play
Makin moves in the underground, it's like a subway (mayne)
Southside, Southside, man I love that Southside
Vacuum the inside, waxin up the outside
Reason why my couch wide is 'cause I'm always out my
Radius, my alias will leave you in the chalk line (mayne)
Zip code, sick fo's, pickin out some sick vogues
Daily I just hear 'em sayin "where the heck you get those?"
Hit the club with Lil' O, told me (Playas Get Chose)
And I keep it playa but I'm stayin on my tip toes (mayne)
Can't take on the phone, conversations get too lengthy
Drivin from my home to Oklahoma in a Bentley
Sayin I'm conceded just make sure you say it gently
Bought a building on the North just 'cause that ho said "rent me" (mayne)
Twenty, K for the leather and the candy
But if I need the hook up I'm a get the stuff from Nancy
They gave me a ticket 'cause my whip was dressed too fancy
Runners gonna be done with the mixtapes, they like "it can't be"

[Outro - Chamillionaire - talking]
Hold up, you already know what it is
Mixtape Messiah Part 7, the final chapter
There will be none after
Yeah, I said that, none after
We done baby
Don't get it twisted though
I'm tryin to build a new brand called Major Pain
So I need everybody that's out there, that's supportin the movement
To support that
Chamillitary's still the name that's runnin the game
Major Pain is the new thing, know what I'm talkin 'bout?
Let's get it, uh, Koopa

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