Love of Money - Chamillionaire

[Talking: Trae]
Trae Da Truth
Ayyo Cham
I think it's time we switch it up for a second
Let's get it

[Hook: Trae]
I'm up early in the morning in the evening throw my pistol on my waste
Barely knock the crib and I ain't even wash my face
I got money on my mind on top of money for a case
Pulling up on swaggers tell n_ggas to get me space
For the love of money [x3]
Everyday it's for the love of money
For the love of money [x2]
I hustle all day
Asshole By Nature

[Verse: Trae (Chamilionaire)]
What'cha know about Trae and Cham?
(What they knowing about Cham and Trae?)
King of the streets, king of the mixtapes
(Always in the streets try'na get a big face)
Beating on the block in a fresh set of swaggers
(Swishahouse and Screw slowing on my disc changer)
Try'na jack me I bet I put a b_tch in danger
(Let me know his name, we goin make the kid famous)
Anybody wanna go to war than I'm the man
(I bet I got a lawyer that can get'cha outta town)
I bet they run up on me I'm a help em understand
(I bet I get a month to make another hundred grand)
We represent the H and we don't rep for nothing else
(Give everything we did and we ain't really get no help)
When it come to tag team to the most we got the belt
(If we don't get radio, oh well, let's get it)

[Hook: Chamillionaire:]
Wake up in the morning and I didn't even eat a meal
Heard the streets was calling me so I'm a keep it real
Open my garage and hop on a new set of wheel
Than I hit the block to feel my pockets so the leal
For the love of money [x3]
Everyday it's for the love of money
For the love of money [x2]
I hustle all day

When I'm coming down, my caddy sliding slow
And you knowing where I'm on my way to go (to get my hustle on)
I ain't got no time for haters anymo'
I be grinding so you know I gotta go and get my hustle on
Money on my mind everytime I leave my home
I'm too busy balling leave a message on my phone
Don't ask me what I do tomorrow you already know
You goin catch me doin exactly what the did the day befo'
Let's get my hustle on

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