Ms.Jackson - Chamillionaire

What's da supa king K Double O-P-A Say
if i say hey, can i get yo number she say, OK
U ask for her number and she be like, No Way!
got da boots sayin What it Do instead of whodi
everybody that think that the Chamillion can't rap
I couldn't make a wack rap if my name was J-Mack
I'm just jokin mack i take that back
but i just gave u a shout out n_gga, u can't hate that!
Big twenkey inch leenas, clarion car screenas
got hoes sayin "Woop, Pull over" like Trina
I'm not a drank leena cuz i rather sip zima
yellow braud named Trina take my drawes to da cleaners
Im above u, u under me like an umbrella
don't even try to front like yo game is much betta
if she yellow as the letters in my iceberg sweeta
then u betta not let her leave home cuz i'll gett'a
im thugged out foreva, weak.. i think not!
im as throwed as a rock in a shot slingshot
knock, knock!! who is it?
none of yo damn business
its da color changin' lizard so shut up until he's finish
n_gga, i roll chrome and ill pull up in yo home
ice lookin like i stuck my finger in a snowcone
when it comes to this rap, u can't do me no harm
i would still be calm with a bomb in my palm
and a big stick of dynamite strapped to my arm
three W's dot, get of my d_ck dot com
i don't wear versace cuz i ain't tryin to be cute
i gave my lawyer da boot cuz he try to put me in a suit
eat meat with big tig and im throwed al pauldin
twenty inch rollers, sean john on my clothin
and U of H downtown every semester
i might pop up in a drop with blindside and lester
n_gga, nik nak paddy wack
hold up man, matter fact
i almost forgot to give a shout out to da alley cats
my n_gga, A D, A Lee, and Slim T
Bun B, and Ron C and Big T-I-M-P
gotta pour some liquor out for them boys up on da south
no need to spell it out cuz yall now what im talkin bout

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