Next Episode - Chamillionaire

you might catch a n_gga in back of the club
wit a big ol' stack of them dubs
i'm ackin a thug
i'm gold grinnin and flashin my slugs
i got all of the dice at the bar orderin twice
but every drink is hot (why?)
cuz i'm wearin all of the ice
Im a balla for life, so lets take a ballas advice
Stop balla blockin before i put them thangs all in ya life
N_gga im larger than life, im snatchin all of ya hype
Im also snatchin ya money when im callin tha dice.
Loose every dime u got if u aint bargainin right
Hoes is callin me nice, they n_ggas is callin me shiest
U could call me what ya want, but jus dont call her ya wife,
Cuz your wife wouldnt be askin me to call her tonight, ya right
I cant do it girl i only love strilla, but im not a drug deala
im a ghetto gorilla, Im a..acres home 20 inch chrome dub wheela
And lil' mamma wanna high kap, n_gga, than forget her
Tha chamillion shove in a, never fall in love wit a
Hoodrat, n_gga believe that cuz im just a thug in a
World full of wanna be's but i gotta stay strapped
Chop, Choppin my own rap, how ya, how ya love that
The ladies know...i play wit more dough than play-dough
when i stay low, and i jus stack my dough up like legos
Hoes be thinkin they Destiny's Child, think im gon pay for
they bills, they say yo, say my name and i say no

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