Nothing Else to Say - Chamillionaire

[Hook: x2]
Say what I mean and I mean what I say when I seen
Living my dream, plus in the underground I'm a king
But it really ain't nothing else left to say [x4]

[Talking over Ludacris: Slap instrumental]
Ain't nothing really left to say man
The homie Pimp C gone, R.I.P. to Pimp C
Scarface just retired
Andre 3K, somewhere enjoying life outside of rap
Eminem and Dr. Dre, man I don't even goin start on them, I don't know what they doin
Ain't really nothing else left to say man, knamsayin?
All the people I look up to man, they ain't really around in the game man
And it's alot of young people out there that, that look up to me
But um, I don't really got the same feeling for rap like I used to
I know I said this a bunch of times but uh, I'm still on the grind
My album Venom is coming soon
I promise you man this is my best body of work man
This album right here is my best body of work, I need everybody that's hearing the CD to go support it
I'm a give you Mixtape Messiah part seven, before my album, I'm working hard I'm doing this for y'all
I need everybody to go support that
Go get three copies of that man
I'm a drop Mixtape Messiah part seven before my album, I repeat, before my album and then the Venom album goin come
And I promise y'all that this is my best body of work man
It's all the way fire man
If this ain't it, I don't know what is man

And if that ain't enough
If everybody that listens to this CD goes and buys my album Venom
The first week when it come out, the first week when it hit the stores, we just need that to look good
And if it do, I promise y'all, y'all got my word right now
Y'all got my word
I'm a drop Mixtape Messiah eight and nine, for free on Chamillionaire dot com
The same day, I'm a put the covers up
The link is goin open
And you goin see Mixtape Messiah eight and nine, two different CD's for free on Chamillionaire dot com
That's if the album do good this week
I'm working hard baby
We goin keep on getting man as long as y'all supporting the movement you already know what it is
Chamillitary, y'all have to check me out on three W dot Chamillionaire dot com
All the underground CD's that y'all been looking for man
I'm uploading everything, T-shirts, everything man that's the home base for all the future Mixtape Messiah's man
So if you don't gotta compute to get with the program, and if you do get logged on to Chamillionaire dot com, nomtombout?
And everybody out there, y'all need to take down this phone number...
8-3-2 5-1-4 4-7-3-0
Everybody gimme a call, check me daily, knomsayin I'm a let y'all know what's goin down with me daily I updated
I check my messages everyday
Y'all already know what it is man
We goin stay focused man, we goin stay focused on the money on the grind
I know it's hard times everybody in the recession man
But uh, we need to get up and get on the grind
That's everybody, that's you right now paying attention to me man
Nomsayin, they call it preaching I call it motivation man
Boys need to stop hatin', we goin get it!
2009 is mine, y'all know what it is man
Say it with me, say it with me
"Chamillitary Mayne"

Oh y'all thought we was done?
Nah man y'all know I gotta hit'cha with that hidden track man
Need everybody to support this one man, call your radio stations
Tell em you need that Creepin' Solo man
Hottest thang in the streets man
With y'all help, we goin make it to the top
Let it drop

[Creepin' Solo plays]

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