One Day - Chamillionaire

Well, well, well, well
Hello baby
One day your here
And then your gone

Well, well, well
Hmm, come on La, la, la, la
Come on, come on
La, la, la, la
Yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la, la, la

One day your here, baby (baby)
And then ya gone (and then ya gone)
One day your here, baby (hmm)
And then ya gone (and then ya gone)
One day your here, baby (baby)
And then ya gone (and then ya gone)
Pain is what I feel, baby (hmm)
But you know, I'm still standing strong

Hold on
You the reason we even be leanin' and riding candy
You the reason I even was dreaming about a caddy
Told you back when we talk how my label didn't understand me
Every time you would call you would talk to me like we family (wassup)
Saw you back at the car show you walked into me and grabbed me
When you would run into me you hug me instead of dab me
Usually boys be tapping around they issue like Sammy
Davis but every statement you say you would say get at me (knahtalkinbout?)
If you feeling offended, if it was beef you'd end it
If it was drama splend it if needed it be prevented
If he kept talking down you would make sure you see the dentist
If you had said to sentence you said it just like your met it
Who could duplicate a swagger like that?
Not me just see but this ain't about rap
It's about Hawk, it's about Moe, it's about Screw, it's about Pat
Told me how boys in P.A. would say that that's a nice lac
I said if you say I sold you the car and we have a deal
Then you told everybody I gave you the car foreal
Soon as I called you up to ask you bout what I hear
You told me you couldn't lie and you only could keep it Trill
Every time I see that lil lady that's on the grill
Reppin that in your memory while gripping on that wood wheel
You ain't Killer Mike the only that told me just how ya feel
Thought I was dissin Paul and told me that I should chill
In the studio with Scarface the day before I got the call
Talking bout my new record an industry face we saw
Told me that he was done and he wasn't really try'na ball
But we had to still show him that Texas still standing tall
Then he asked is you ready, I'm ready was my reply
He record an extra verse and that's when I had asked him why
Told me that I can have it in the future in case he die
Then I told him to stop cause death is what I deny (hol' up)
Yestraday you were here (but why?)
Rodney told me it happened I swear I thought it was a lie
Couldn't tell you how painful it was to hear his reply
Went and sat in my truck so nobody would see me [breathing]
When it come to you I never do it for publicity
And know if I was gone and you would say how much you missing me
Know you in heaven ridin' candy up the silky streets
The streets don't think about'cha every time we see Swisher Sweets
We keep your name alive make sure that it be visibly
We know big Bun goin hold you down and then goin miss a beat
Sad you ain't here to see your children grow or kiss the cheek
Or your lovely daughter and ya kid forever live Pimp C

[talking through Hook: J-Dawg]
Shout out to young Hawk
Boss Hogg Out Law, n_gga
Chamillitary Mayne
Rest in peace to Pimp C
Straight up
One day ya here the next day ya gone, n_gga
It's straight

[Verse: J-Dawg]
My momma kick me out, at only fourteen
I ain't cried out for no long I know means
I started doing push-ups to get my chest bigger
I knew I had to man up to eat with these killers
Dope fees jackets, old heads too
And since I ain't running with no crew I brought me a deuce deuce
Back pocket action feels like it's meant to be there
Run up on me playa where you stand you goin bleed there
Yeah, that's the life of a young Hogg
N_gga did never had sh_t but still he want it all
So I'm out there bumping heads with this hold of crawl
Straped up like the law, crack in my draws
Weed in my draws, twenty blood of bullsh_t
You can't say sh_t, it's to provide b_tch
Hit the school high just to show out a lil bit
New kicks, new fit, yeah I'm the sh_t
Ride the bus for what, you do ten and up
I'm too young to drive but ask Bill I giva f_ck
Young Hogg, plus I'm seventeen now
And I'm feeling like I'm grown, I'm living on my own
Got the trap spot jumping, client tell steady
It's good kush now we graduated from that Reggie
An O.G. tell me move slow and think fast
Always stay focused on ya cash
J-Dawg, n_gga... Yeah!

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