Rap City #1 - Chamillionaire

(it's Koopa! hey!)

I neva take a hiatus
Debate if
The kid the greatest
My album anticipated
I made it
Now hatas hate it
Problems I can create it
My pistol is nickel plated
All of my friends can get a F U friendship is overrated
You waited
You pray it's thee arrival of the mixtape god
I treat a track like soft white and make a mixtape hard
i get paper, the crib got the fish tank walls
These boyz is playin' me for a joker better go switch they cards
I'm the hardest
That's regardless
of whether or not I'm signed
Whether I'm in Atlanta or tippin' down in H-Town
boyz keep talkin down
Then I just might loose my mind
So Don't question me 1 mo time
Without askin me do I mind
Paintin dat Picasso
Like the macho
But that is not so
U and i know
That is not so...
What you living a lie for
He showed his plaque, showed his car, showed his crib
I'm Watchin' cribs
noticing my cribs a lil bigger than his
How I live not a G
The Show is 3
Man that's nothin to me
S.M.A.L.L.Z. I lay the hardest verse on a cd
For free
And I do it so easily
Messiah rap thugs
Spit fire to pack clubs
I'm tired of you actors
I'm tired of you act thugs
Denyin' that you gat bust
I make sense cause I make sense even rhymin it backwards
Zhep snerrf yep yep yep yep yep what that mean
That mean my click is the team of teams and chamillionaires the king of the kings
And the gang
That I don't bang
Set trip and you broke down
Get hurt on your own
Turf so before you throw up your sign
Your sigh language betta say dollar signs
we so clined
i throw nine
To your life line
Then my cliq gonna co-sign
quick wit the metal boy
u heard u ain't ready for it
I swear my game will turn a heat man to a skeleTOR
My squadron
Is the squad of all squadrons
My squadron is a problem
My squadron make your squad run
they see me in my car
and ask are you wit Paul
I'm like Paul
I'm like dawg
Cant you see I'm on a call
Holla at me later befo u holla at dat wall
sound of revenge is in stores playa holla at ya boy..

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