Are We over - Charice


Been hearing the whispers
They talkin' like we're over
Baby that's news to me
Don't like what I'm hearin'
And I don't wanna listen
But are you through with me

They say that there's been someone else who's been taking up your time
They say that there's someone else who's been on your mind
Won't you tell me what is real
Are they right, are you gonna let me go
Let me know, let me know

Is there any truth to what they talking bout
Have I become the one that you have learned to live without
Are we over
Is there any love for me left in your heart
Have you become the one that's gonna rip my worlds apart
Are we over

If you're hiding something
I think that you should come clean
Tell me what's going on
Now am I just trippin'
Or is there something I'm missin'
Tell me is something wrong

Cause all I hear is all the talk that you've got somebody new
Maybe I'm blind cause I don't wanna believe it's true
Won't you tell me what's the deal
Are we right or are we coming to an end
Don't pretend, don't pretend


If you're gonna let me go
Don't let me be the last to know
Have you found someone else
Won't you tell me now


Been hearing the whispers..

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