Reset - Charice

My pulse is gettin' fast, my heart is gonna crash
Hey I got somethin' to say to you
We've been on overdrive, maybe we should take some time.....apart

I'm always on the road, I'm puttin' on a show
I know you really try to keep up with me
Baby we're compatible, but you must be sick of all the bull...I pull...on you

Now I'm havin' second thoughts about us
I think I like it like it was
I know I shut the system down
But now I wanna bring it back up

We need a reset
Don't wanna regret not makin' up with you
You and I fadin' from the screen
Can we prevent a freeze?
We're losin' power and we're spinnin' down
Suddenly back up dedicated now
We crashed but we can turn it around
(We're runnin', runnin') after a reset

Start it up again...start it up

I'm tired of the nights without you by my side
We only seem to text and email
So you come on the road, maybe we don't have to fall.....apart

It's workin' for awhile, but I see through your smile
This isn't the life you signed up for
You tell me it'll be okay as you board a different were



At some point I gotta slow me down somehow
I hope that you can wait
And we'll be together at the same time, same place
Finally goin' at the same pace
I promise you we're gonna fill the space between us

[Chorus x2]

Start it up again...start it up
Don't wanna fall

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