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Z-E-R-O-S, that's right
I pay way too much for my flights
I pay way too much on my clothes
I'm just too damn cool for these hoes
Someone please just hand me my phone
So I can get back into my zone
Everyone just leave me alone
I'm just way too lit for this

All I ever wanted was a handful of 100's
All I ever needed was a girl who could see the
Gold on my neck, boy, I ain't tryna flex
But I'm shinin' so hard, even blind people see it
Steppin' out the wagon, it's 200 thousand
Bright red paint, got it lookin' like a dragon
That's what you get from a hard day of trappin'
I'm lit, man, it's all just flashin'

Don't that sh_t sound familiar?
Lame-ass rhymes these rap dudes deliver
Can't trust y'all, I stay live, familiar
Knock down walls, n_gga, break down the pillars
Hands to the ceiling, uh
Hands in the air
Spread that wealth, throw them bands everywhere
Material sh_ttin' on royalty
S_ck this d_ck, baby, I'ma shoot gold in your hair

Turn errything up
Turn errything up
Turn errything up
Turn errything
Turn errything

Turn err'thing

Welcome to the land of the greed
Welcome to the home of the slave
Run up in your house while you sleep
What's the number to the muhf_ckin' safe?
N_ggas goin' from the cradle to the grave
You done f_cked around and stumbled in the cave
'Bout to go Django Unchained
Girls do anything to get backstage

Turn err'thing up
Money ain't everything, but Pops taught me how to stack green up
Black [?] high school friends selling drugs out the same house where I grew up
That's how you really give back to your community
I don't settle for less than getting what I need
I know people that's locked up for only using weed
How did [?] get immunity, huh?

(Hahaha, I don't know why that's funny)

Everyday is Halloween, huh?
Michael Myers, Jamie Lee, huh?
Freddie Kruger in your dreams, huh?
Load up clips and make a scene, huh?
They puttin' lies on the screen, black and gold everything
We going crazy, we jump around like marines
We rage against the machine, n_gga, we the kings
You ready?

Turn errything up
Turn errything up
Turn errything up
Turn errything
Turn errything

Turn err'thing
Turn err'thing

Turn err'thing up
Turn err'thing up

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