3 - Chief Keef

This b_tch wanna smoke all my weed
I don't want no sex so ho get on your knees
Baby, you won't regret the day that you f_ck me
But you gotta hold my pistol and my weed
Man, I wish a n_gga would try me
He gonna need a morgue no iv
Let five shots off, he got hit with bout 3
Now I got 22 left and about 3

Sosa how many chains you got on, about 3
I don't stay in one house, I bought 3
There's 3 n_gga in your house in the orders of me
And they all shooting boy they ready for anything
I bought 3 pounds of weed and 3 pints of lean
I know you wanna get high baby
Just s_ck my d_ck from the side baby
Or don't hop in my ride baby


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