Understand Me - Chief Keef feat Young Jeezy

[Intro: Chief Keef]
Sosa baby
Beep! Beep! Beep!

[Hook: Chief Keef]
That b_tch say that she don't understand me. (F_ck her)
I be flexing
Now my money come in handy
I gotta get this money
Understand me?
100 thous all hundreds understand me (understand me)
Understand me, (understand me)
I gotta get this money
Understand me (understand me)
Understand me
B_tch my name is Sosa
You can call me Sammy

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Everywhere I go I spend a lot of cash
Spend them stacks, spend them stacks and get it back
OTF my n_ggas they invented that (OTF)
Smoking on this loud, call it the stinky pack (dope)
Count so much money that my fingers cramp
All my n_ggas Wildin' we don't give a damn (loony)
Ask your main b_tch she know who I am (Sosa Baby)
Rob him for his taxes if he's a son of Sam
Who gives a f_ck, we don't care bout nothin' Fam!
Got money for a verse, send it through money gram
I'm a drop the top when I buy me a phantom
Kidnap this f_ck n_gga for some ransom
And if his mouth moving, my gun dance-ON
I pull up in that Porsche, they like "Damn, son!"
All these b_tches on me, I won't wife none
I have them b_tches runnin', when the pipe come


[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
Fake ass n_ggas that's a sh_t I don't like
Kilogram flow, that's the sh_t I don't write
All these f_cking games, that's the sh_t I don't play
2 door Murcielago and it's smoke grey
Keep that 50 cal. that b_tch come in handy
It will open up a n_gga like some candy (BOOM)
In the barrel, look like a Cambell's soup can
Banana clips in the closet like a fruit stand (HAHA)
Talkin 36 O's and I'm the OG
One time I sit and watch a n_gga snort a whole key
Muzzle on the Rottweiler, flash no bang
Spent a hundred grand one ring, no chain
Got em pitchin wild 100's, keep it 300
Man that head so good bought her a 300
Understand me
Understand me
Understand me
If thuggin was a category
I'd win a Grammy


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