All Time - Chief Keef

Glo Gang
Holiday, sup bro...
Tell them what we Got?

Ak's and Shotguns
We let off shots and we watch y'all run
Y'all dumb, y'all ain't gettin' no money
I'm flexin' on these s_ckas all the time
Spend my money, it's all mines
Runnin' through a hundred thousand cause I get money all the time
Say they gettin' money, they all lyin'
I think I'm the youngest flexer of all time

[Verse 1:]
I'm on this dope, I'm all high
Just bought a new gun, let's go do a drive-by
Ain't even gotta do it, my n_ggas gone do a drive-by
You better duck, lil goons finna shoot ya graa graa
I will never snitch and I will not lie
N_gga try to take my jewelry bye bye
No b_tch, I don't want no p_ssy bye bye
If yo n_gga think it's cookie graa graa


[Verse 2:]
She gave me top, like she know how
Tell me why you b_tches do that all the time
I got some Cubans that'll do it all the time
Used to move dope got some n_ggas that do it all the time
I use to rob I got some n_ggas that will do it all the time
And them Chiraq big shot that will shoot ya all the time
I'm from O'Block where they be shooting all the time
But we ain't worried b cause we got all the guns


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