Buy It - Chief Keef

I Just Pulled Up in That Old Color of Glue
I just spend 20 on a chains, thousands on some shoes
I done f_ck every b_tch you wanted to
They don't f_ck with you cause I don't f_ck with you
They like chief sosa when we gone hit the stu
I'm like when you put the o on side the two
They like sosa and I got ya album too
If I was you b_tch I will buy two

They like sosa you so mean to me
You don't know what you mean to me
Ever since you came in the game
You been f_cking up the scenery

I know I feel like john cena
Ain't no n_gga seeing me
Tryna rob me they meet my damn nena
Ain't a n_gga getting a thing from me

Had to put that b_tch out
She was on some things to me
She ain't wanna shake her ass
She wanted to sing for me

Tryna blow n_gga oh no
Cause I ride my thing with me
I feel like g.I joe tho
I come from the meanest streets
Almighty sosa from the o
That what it mean to me
Balling with no basketball
Got a basketball in my beamer seats
Poppin sh_t like vegetable oil
Poppin sh_t like season wheat
I take the mon to dangelong [?]
I pop some sh_t I'm my meeting great

Cause I got all this johnny dang on me
And I got all this damn bread on me
You ain't taking sh_t
You can take one to the head homie
Now I got all this damn red on me


Chief sosa sh_ting on you lames man
She like I know I follow you on instagram
She give me nose like she toucan Sam
Smoking on this dope and I'm coughing like dam
B_tch stop acting dumb u know who I am
I be balling hard and flexing no jams

And if you want a verse send my check in the mail
You n_ggas ain't gone shoot man you n_ggas gone tell
Get yo ass smoke if you dropping the l
They like hold up chief so I be bopping the l
Get yo ass smoke if you dropping the l
They like hold up chief so I be bopping the l


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