Cause I'm Gettin Money - Chief Keef

I smell like I got 100 pounds of blocks on me
It's reakin' out the car homie
She wanna freak cause I'm a star low key
Tell me what b_tch do not know me
I'm a blow this thing like Odee
Leanin off this Act I OD
Can't trust a face them n_ggas plotting on me
And it's all because I'm gettin' money

Got that b_tch off the drugs, she a zombie
She wanna f_ck with us, we get money
B_tch is you drunk, you want my Beamer car keys?
Let's see if they got Beamer taxis
Just bought Kay Kay a Beamer car seat
My boys gon' spray, let us see a opp please
I'm Sunny and you n_ggas coffee
But now that is my favorite mafi
B_tch I ain't with that lovie dovie
B_tch you just gotta s_ck and f_ck me
Got a pound of that erb, it's lovely
Now I'm sparking up, climbing up trees
While I'm smoking on this dope this b_tch keep calling my phone
Don't you see I'm getting high, b_tch just leave me alone
I see n_ggas feelings hurt, tell Chief Sosa what's wrong
Bustin' like I'm dealing, jerk got my dumb ass pulled over


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