Diamonds - Chief Keef feat French Montana

[Hook: Chief Keef]
I swear my diamonds are so blinding please don't look at my wrist
I bet I could take your b_tch
That boy jewellery looking bleary like who sold him that sh_t
They say I ain't getting money well who told them that sh_t
Ok your b_tch she like my diamonds and the cars that I ride
Or she might just like my style or its the squad that behind me
I don't know but she gone go cause my pockets on swole
I just walk up in the mall then I buy the whole store

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I know my diamonds looking blinding please don't look at my wrist
My young n_ggas shoot your face if you think about taking my sh_t
10k for my ears 20k for my wrist
You ain't f_cking me for free b_tch 20k for my d_ck
Catch you slipping Scottie pippin one phone call and you hit
I just get these b_tches numbers I don't call I forget
And I'm riding in them foreigns ima ride off St.Lawrence
I'mma ride on brick squad catch a n_gga I'm scoring


[Verse 2: French Montana]
Them people calling, right back to balling
You got a bad batch to much baking on it
Right back on the stove, right back to them shows
Right back to my b_tches, your advance is my clothes
I'm whipping it, I triple it
Shorty pop a molly then she wiggle it
Putting orders, You telling stories
Casino life hard rock n_gga put in all this


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