Don't Know Dem - Chief Keef

This n_gga looking at me like he want some
Pistol to his face if he owe some
My n_gga keep them tools make em blow some
OTF they ride for Sosa

Riding with my hitters b_tch we on some
Ride on an opp and then smoke them
Yea we keep them horns we will blow them
Who is these n_ggas, I don't know them

[Verse 1:]
GBE b_tch we hot b_tch we smokin
I'm chokin, what I'm smoking potent
I'm leaning, rolling and I'm totin'
You know where it's O and the no end

300 b_tch don't make me bring them killers out
Real sh_t, free all my hitters out
Don't make me bring them killers out
Youse a dead man that ain't even written so

Tec chop like lawn mowers
Feds listening, sh_t, short convo
Hit a n_gga with a combo
What I'm a fight for? My choppers drum roll


[Verse 2:]
Throwing L's up, Glocks up
Don't start us, can't stop us
Everywhere they spot us
Chopper light, kill a cop though

Word around this n_gga Stevie
I don't a f_ck with contacts, see me
I love getting tree-tree
Smoke kush get head by Kiki

I need that, I'm up now
A problem, we up now
My gun screaming "what? " now
You want that tough sh_t? Our guns act tough now


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