Fuck Me - Chief Keef

[Hook: x2]
Glo boy, I been with it since jump street
Right when we was selling D, right there on Front Street
You drunk b_tch, why this b_tch don't want me
I just had a six some, them hoes was acting country

Thots ugly cause that b_tch say she love me
Cause I don't like the texting, I don't want no company
I d_ck her down she like 'Sosa you drugged me'
Told all her friends now them hoes wanna f_ck me

Aye aye I'm bankroll shawty
I got so much money I bought a b_tch to match my robbins
I'm king go shawty a n_gga
Try and rob me he get brains blown shawty
I got 2 Glocks 40's
They both got 30's in it
Run up then you shot shawty
And all I ride is 'raris
But I just bought a Beemer truck
I'm sittin' on some 40's

I got the set with me
This sh_t ain't Aquafina but I got get wet with me
B_tch I got what you need
Is you gone s_ck my d_ck
And if you not you gotta leave
Cause I'm a cash count
B_tch I be high off that earth
She hit my weed, she passed out
I'm a laugh now I know this b_tch I told you b_tch
Can't stand me, sit yo ass down


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