Morgan Tracy - Chief Keef

B_tches shakin' ass, but that sh_t, it don't amaze me
I'm off the act this sh_t got me feelin' lazy
I was born in the 90s, f_ck the 80s
Cause I've got lots of guap, all these n_ggas hate me
Big shouts out to mama, she the one who made me
Big shouts out to gradmama, she the one who raised me
Them people made a star named Sosa, baby (Almighty)
I spend lots of guap, thinkin' Morgan Tracy

[Verse: Chief Keef]
I'm smokin' on this dope, this sh_t it got me high as f_ck
You disrespect the Glo, you know we've got to light you up
And all you hear is ambulances and them fire trucks
Thirty chop the car, do' that sh_t on the Regular
Coolin' with the stars, I ain't talkin' famous
I'm a break down this cigar, puff, puff, no passin'
They say I'm gettin' fat, b_tch, that's what them bands did
They ain't see me, they see my car, and they say I'm handsome
I've got too much guap fallin' out my pants
These b_tches in my hair, I'm too rich for some dandruff
I don't do the dash, b_tch, I do the damn drift
These boys don't want no smoke, they don't want no cancer
Get 'em by the loads when I get them bands up
No, I ain't no brick, but I'm money dancin'
I like dirty Sprites same as dirty Fantas
Get showered with this Lamar, I ain't talking Kendrick


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