No It Don't - Chief Keef

No it don't
B_tch no it don't
No it don't [x3]

Do a 30 coming ass out 9 no it don't
You say your Rollie tick you lying b_tch no it don't
You think your car go faster than mine no it don't
They like sosa you know the time b_tch you know it though
No it don't
B_tch no it don't [x3]

He said when he see me he gon', blast but I know he won't
I'll leave him in the past, that's what he want
You say you getting cash, but I know you don't
Glo Gang f_ckin' on thots, getting guap that's what we on
I ain't worried about you b_tch n_gga I got my shooters
I pay they ass 5K every friday they won't hesitate to shoot you
I don't need any 1's on 2's b_tch but I don't eat no sushi
I just wan't to skeet in yo mouth b_tch eat it like some food please
I don't wan't no coochi don't make me find my mood please
You say I act mean b_tch you know I don't, no we can't go to the movies
No I don't know you B smokin' Keisha getting top by Susie
... Jojo... she give daddy...


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