No Tomorrow - Chief Keef

[Hook:Chief Keef]
I ain't worried bout you shorty
I'm so use to balling
I don't even want you darling
Why do you be calling
Why your b_tch love stalking
Every night, Every Morning
Starting to make me go harder
Plus I got a daughter
Ball like it's no tomorrow
I'mma buy a Audemar
Don't care about the costs
Ball like it's no tomorrow
B_tch you chilling with a star
Act like it's no tomorrow
Go buy a foreign car
Drive it like it's no tomorrow

[Verse 1: Chief keef]
I be riding foreign cars
Riding like it no tomorrow
I be spending hella bands
I be high above the stars
I be chilling with my dogs
F_cking on them hoes
Lotta pound lotta O's
Lotta of bankrolls and clothes
Lotta ice white and gold
Tats on my arms
Lotta Hoes on my line
I be touring f_ckin hoes
Ben franklin bank rolls
LV's on my clothes
Jump man on my kicks
Don't like them gucci sh_ts
Got a lot of Louie sh_t
And a lot of fendi sh_t
Got ferragamo sh_t
B_tch I got plenty sh_t
I ball like it's no tomorrow
B_tch I'mma glory boy
All I know is go hard
Because I got a daughter


[Verse 2: Chief keef]
This man b_tch steady calling
I wonder how she get my number
I think she got it from Ballout
You know we them bang brothers
Flexing on you s_ckers
All the b_tches love us
Tadoe off the molly water
So you know it's no discussion
Get fredo out the cut
He f_cking sh_t up
Ball like it's no tomorrow
Cause I chose to live it up
Got dope in my blunt
Got lean in my cup
Cause I'm rolling off a flat
Just like Dillenger
B_tch I got burberry on
Sent that drink for you boss
Y'all know I go hard
And so does my squad
I get very very tall
Things getting taller
I ain't with the drama I could f_ck your mama


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