Skit - Chief Keef

[Skit: ?]
Sosa motherf_cker
Now sent me Sosa, Chief Keef Sosa
Sammy Sosa is white, Chief Keef is black
That's my n_gga. Shoutout to his pretty little daughter
I'm glad I'ont look like this n_gga
Chief Keef gettin' more b_tches than me, and I'm hittin' on this n_gga right now
F_ck Chief Keef, I'mma f_ck all your b_tches, and get them pregnant and then I'll change my name, so you never ever can find me again. I'll get surgery. I'll be lightskin with good hair motherf_ckers
Shout out to 2 Chainz, n_gga robbed, now he only got one chain
Shout out to tha n_gga Drake. My bottom to the top, n_gga
You grew up in a suburb, with a swimming pool and a housekeeper. From the top to the top motherf_cker. I grew up from the bottom to the top, I grew up with [?] Chief Keef, my father
I wore the same shoes from kindergarten to highschool. When the sh_t got to tight, my father cut out the front and made it sandals. That's from the bottom to the top
Shout out to that fat n_gga Rick Ross. To 'These N_ggas Can't Hold Me Back'. No they can't hold you back, you' 400 pounds motherf_cker
I know what you said, I put a molly in her drink. She ain't even know it

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