What I Wanna Do - Chief Keef

You don't got enough cheese boy f_ck wrong with you
You ain't no street n_gga can't make no song with you
Boy that ain't yo cheese it don't belong to you
I got so much money I do what I wanna do
Wanna do, do what I wanna do
I got so much money I do what I wanna do
What I wanna do, what I wanna do
How many cars should I buy? Tell me 1 or 2

Got 30 boppers, power pills, codeine, and that ganja
And I don't do that molly, give that sh_t to Blood Money
And we don't love these b_tches we just f_ck them and dump them
And boy don't test me your best bet trying Obama
I pull up in that Rari screaming boy f_ck your Hyundai
And I ain't gonna stop til Beyonce my fiance
I'm flexin on these b_tches all gold bottles no Bombay
Take 50 thousand dollars, Ill run through it in one day
I'm a glo boy I be shining from my wrist to my gold teeth
And you better be talkin money when you approach me
I been ballin so damn hard I swear I think that I'm Kobe
You say I ain't getting money p_ssy boy you don't know me


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