Banjo - Chris Brown and Tyga

[Hook - Chris Brown:]
Man, don't play with the p_ssy like a banjo
Man, don't play with the p_ssy like a banjo
Man, don't play with the p_ssy like a banjo
And all the hoes in the party hit the dance floor

[Chris Brown:]
Pull up, n_gga creeping
Colder than a motherf_cker
Guess it's ho season (b_tch)
Shorty got that ass, baby girl it's nice to meet you
With these lights off, give a f_ck about your features
I'm tryna f_ck
If it's one on one gimme that eye soap
But if it's two of ya'll I'ma let the dice roll
It's the weekend, I could tell you been freaking
Cause you popping Miley Cyrus and you twerking with your eyes closed
Go figure, skinny n_gga with a suit on
Bunch of bad b_tches
Yeah, they like me n_gga, who don't?
Drop top, everything
We party like the roof gone
A n_gga got a problem, blaka-blaka, then we move on (blap)
Tell 'em hold that
If you looking for liquor, better lick up
My liquor zing and you know that
B_tches looking for a sponsorship, cha-ching, cause I sponsor sh_t
B_tch I throw racks
F_cked up, got me dancing on the floor
Tryna dance in that p_ssy, tell me when to go
I'm tore up, feeling like I'm 'bout to throw up
One night with me this b_tch about to blow up

[Hook x2]

Ain't sh_t but model b_tches over here
I'm a n_gga with money b_tch
Let's make that clear
You here with a Elf ear
Hoes in stock over here
And the price going up by the year
It's a good year, baby
On my blimp sh_t
You too defensive and sensitive
That's on some mental sh_t
No sense in lingering
Can't count on you n_ggas man, only count Benjamins
He my closest friend
My wrist a wrist
Ice the b_tch
Like it's sprained and sh_t
I'm the n_gga, n_gga
Yes he is, the flyest with three yes' [?]
I take that p_ssy and ransom it
When I hit the block, better have your banger
She fold it close, we ain't gon' ever hang

[Hook x2]

[Chris Brown:]
She was bomb but she wanted me to pay for it
Alley-oop b_tch, you know a n_gga play whores
I play with p_ssy, girl you know that I'm a playboy
Clap, clap, clap then she make that booty make noise
She make that ass wobble like a monster
Twerk something, hurt something
Damn, I'ma need a doctor
A b_tch with some real hair straight up out the projects
And she turn her phone off from all them n_ggas she be dodging
[?] head
She don't give a f_ck about nothing but her bread
But when I dance in that p_ssy do the running man
While all these other n_ggas f_cking with [?]
I'm throwing all of this money and I'm advancing these strippers
I got my hand on the p_ssy she got her hand on my zipper
She started going to work my sh_t got hard as a missile
Then she say she got a twin, I started f_cking her sister


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