D.G.I.F.U. - Chris Brown and Tyga feat Pusha T

Ya'll know me, the still same OG, young T-Y-G
Hated on by most these n_ggas
But I still keep sh_ttin' on n_ggas lowkey
I don't f_ck with you to the third degree
I keep a G, DMV, you owe a three
Schemin' on the low, tryna make a n_gga profitly
All I do is get money, f_ck, and sleep
I should run for mayor
Been runnin' sh_t, you barely maintain your b_tch
No, this ain't no lets say regular degular sh_t
Break a neck on some Busta sh_t
Souls of Mischief aww sh_t
I be on til infinity
Don't predict, b_tch, what I'm gonna do
Cause chances are I've outdone you
And most of my so called enemies
Spit your game, talk your sh_t
Grab your gat, call your clique
Ball so hard I don't need the assist
I'm the best so I keep saying that sh_t
N_gga, you should too
If you knew what this game'll do to you
Look at bullsh_t that I've been through
This the drive through and sh_t on you

[Hook - Tyga:]
Don't get it f_cked up
Yesterday I was the freshest n_gga in America
I swear to God I ain't lyin', bruh, I ain't lyin' bruh
In America
Don't get it f_cked up
N_ggas talkin' bout oh sh_t
I pull up they like oh sh_t
Now look whose talkin', b_tch
Now look whose talkin', b_tch, yeah
Don't get it f_cked up
I do this sh_t for my, I do this sh_t for my
Do this sh_t for my loved ones
Don't get it f_cked up
I do this sh_t for my, I do this sh_t for my
I don't trust n_ggas, I only trust funds n_gga

[Chris Brown:]
Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin' to say
But nothin' comes out when they move they lips
This extended clip will make Buddha sh_t
Shawty comin' and pullin' up with them hooter tips
Never use a n_gga, but she abuse the d_ck
I lick the p_ssy, let it air dry
We in a boat, n_gga, right off the coast
European or Caribbean, I'm sweatin' out my hair dye
So don't get it f_cked up
I got a handful of matches, f_ckin' with a bad b_tch
All my n_ggas is savages, better loc up
Damn ,it's a tragedy, all of these casualties
Metal through his body, n_gga, check his anatomy, oh sh_t
Why you pillow talkin'? That's ho sh_t
N_gga, you a geek, still talkin' 'bout me f_cking yo' b_tch
I can't lie, can't lie
I got a bunch of bad hoes and a wife on the side
I believe I can fly, I'm the sh_t now
Wanna be like Mike when I die
Step right up, can't name any n_gga that can f_ck with us
I'mma bring the pain, we gon' be the game-changers
All in your face, I'm bustin' nuts


[Pusha T:]
Did ya'll think I would let my dough freeze?
Ho, please! Better bow down on both knees
Who you think taught you to throw P's?
Who you think taught you to rap keys?
Dress Dries, Phillip Limb, SLP's
Like Snoop D-O-double G
N_gga murda was the case so motherf_ck the police
Ya'll n_ggas soft like Emojis, with the heart eyes
Ya'll part skies, ya'll cloud killas
We aimin' n_ggas, my soldiers blacker than apartheid
We coupe n_ggas, you n_ggas riding four doors
Like Uber n_gga, we pilin' all of your whores
On the canopy my stamina be
Enough for Pamela Anderson Lee
My Katy Perry ain't afraid to carry
That sh_t you sniff, Taylor Swift
N_ggas talk yet it remains a myth
I never seen it, they only dream it
They rap about it, do interviews
With they toy cars and they little jewels


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