Bitches N Marijuana - Chris Brown and Tyga feat Schoolboy Q

[Chorus - Chris Brown:]
You can tell by the way I walk that I got 'em
Bail any girl that I wanna
Got b_tches n marijuana
I can tell by the way you move that you a problem
Bail any girl that I wanna
Got b_tches n marijuana
I got 'em, I got 'em
Ooh, she bad, she don't do it for free
I got em, I got em
Got b_tches n marijuana

T-ballin', globetrotter
Got a bunch of pre-rolls and a gold lighter
Think you on fire? You gon' need more fire
I tell her that's all you get like Street Fighter
Nah, walk with me, talk to me
That body cold, chess game like a pawn to me
She wanna ride with me, kick it and vibe with me
I got that long clip, fall asleep to the movie
Motherf_ckin' goonies, Cartier rubies
Coupe, no top, yeah I took off the Kufi
I'm high, I'm woozie, D'usse, I'm doosing
I might just be right with my b_tch in Jacuzzi
Right, n_gga, gettin' right, n_gga
I'ma knock that p_ssy out, fight night, n_gga
I'mma light it up, pass it to the right n_gga
Our b_tches at the crib, don't invite n_ggas


[Chris Brown:]
Pull up, got the fat sack
With some clean motherf_ckers, no hood rats
Yeah we suited and booted, you know your b_tch 'bout to toot it
She want love from a n_gga, that's a heart attack, Yack!
Loud pack, give me all of that
Don't be sending naked pics cause my phone tapped
Black Mas, duffel bag and a hundred racks
I don't snitch but I could show you where the money at, me n_gga
It's right here
Got girls and they all on my lap, they with me n_gga
Hell yeah
You see the Lambo parked in the trap, that's me n_gga
I own it while you living on a lease n_gga
I'm known to keep my b_tches on a leash n_gga
I smoke it by the pound what you talking 'bout
I d_ck your b_tch down then I walk it out


[ScHoolboy Q:]
Grimy n_gga way too groovy for the Grammys
Overseas collecting panties, poppin' Xanies
Young n_gga, hundred grand for the gram, hot damn
Hit the curb with the Benz, swerve
Rollie do no ticky do the blingy
I spending hundreds, all the fifties
Word around the city I'm that nigg-y
But this month I made a milli
Another month, another milli, man that sh_t be gettin' silly
Man, b_tch you looking silly
Why you broke, go get a check
And when you fly, who need a jet
She wanna move out to the west
She want them diamonds on her neck
And palm trees in the yard, wanna be's with a star
And get the keys to the car huh
And wanna lick on every scar huh
My money good, sh_t we buying off the bar right now, right now
Who got the weed right now, right now


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