Nothin' Like Me - Chris Brown and Tyga feat Ty Dolla $ign

[Hook: Chris Brown]
She don't think that I can change
So I switched from a Benz to a Range
First class to the jet (yeah!)
Got more money than her ex
Way more money than her ex
And he ain't nothing like me, girl
I done showed you sh_t you never seen, girl
But he ain't nothing like me, girl

[Verse 1: Ty Dolla Sign]
He complain about your spending
I hand you the card, tell you spend it
Master P, no limit
I let you do you, girl
He don't put no gas in your car, nah
We hit the lot and buy cars, girl
He f_ck you every blue moon
I hit it till the sun come up
That's why I f_ck with you girl
You ain't looking for no come up
Your n_gga ain't about his money
He got zeros, I got commas
He buying drinks, I'm buying bottles
We pulling up on Forgiato's
All of my n_ggas got money
That n_gga can't pull out a hundred

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
I ain't gone start sh_t
And a n_gga ain't worried 'bout the homies
Twerk that sh_t on me from the front to the back
I know you got a n_gga, don't lie
F_ck your boyfriend, not tonight
I'ma make you mine, all night
Damn I'm on your ass can't hide it
Cause all my girls that sing this sh_t don't want a broke n_gga (no)
All they wanna do smoke and drink
And they know what I'm thinking
She choosing (choosing) to f_ck with a fly n_gga
Your b_tch about to change up
I'm the truth, you a lie, n_gga

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 3: Tyga]
More money, most money
Marlon Wayans, tell them n_ggas ain't sh_t funny
Tight money, sh_t too private for your plane money
You coach money, I toast crimes loaf running
Rich n_gga, Alpo, Rich Porter
I'm CEO, plus I f_cked his granddaughter
I do sh_t you think about on the toilet
My cup over-running, flowing like Fiji water
And my new b_tch sorta like an alcoholic
B_tch my new car, call that b_tch "whatchamacallit"
T-Raw (yeah) got p_ssy calling
OHB L-K, only balling
I came with the tooth filler
In case a n_gga wanna score a round with me, n_gga
True sh_t, trill n_gga
Put down my hard hat, drill b_tches, f_ck with me

[Hook: Chris Brown x2]

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