Cavity-First Communion - Christian Death

Let's skirt the issue of discipline
Let's start an illusion
With hand and pen
Re-read the words and start again
Accept the gift of sin
The gift of...
Pleasure is bleeding to smother the words
The four walls drain me dry
Of all imagination
Crying out to be told to stand still
Crying out to be told to stand still
The price of red death
Is the price of true love
The black queen jumps through my skin
The king of hearts is waiting
Close to home
Someone's shooting outside
Trigger finger's itchy
Another moving target
More blood on your surplice
More blood for the price of red death
Nailing you to the wall
Nailing you to the Spanish mystic
Nailing you to the wall
Three shots ring out to scream
Who wants to play Roman solider
That lives inside of me
Perennial artist, what do you see
What do you see?
My secret fear of being alone
I sit and hold hands with myself
I sit and make love to myself
I've got blood on my hands
I've got blood on your hands
Blood on our hands

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