Half a Song - Cody Johnson

The band was startin' Slow Hand
About the time you walked in
I could see it in your eyes
You were heart broke and needin' a friend
The singer started singin' as I let you have my bar stool
And before that first chorus was through

You were already smilin'
I said no use in tryin'
Open up a tab, oh girl I'm gladly buyin'
Ain't it funny thinkin' you were thinkin' you be drinkin' alone
Baby ain't it crazy what can happen in half a song

The second verse started
I asked you if you'd like to dance
When you said no I figured well there goes my chance
But the singer kept on singin' and before he hit that chorus again
I felt you grab my hand,
then we bee-lined to the floor like we'd done this before,
holdin' onto you one, two, three four.
Spinnin' and a gettin' in a rhythm, girl it didn't take long
Baby ain't it crazy what can happen in half a song

That song ended, said we've only got one more,
now we're half way through and we're still out here on the floor
Wonder what you're thinkin' 'cause I think I'd like to drive you home,
but I know that's probably never gonna happen,
I'll just settle for your number on a napkin
then again you never know what could happen in half a song,
half a song

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