Ugly - Cold

All the world loves things of beauty and intrigue, these two things I've never had one
Born in this old skin, I'm too sick I can't win, I've lived with this damage too long
My eyes can't behold it, I cannot control this, this feeling that's left in my heart
I've never done no wrong, I don't deserve these bones, please burn up this sin when I'm gone
And I said that this is ugly to me
The world is ugly to me
You are ugly to me
And I am ugly to me
I haven't become all I want to be
I haven't become anything I need to be
I haven't become all I want to be
Suffocate with me
I haven't become anything
Why can't you look, why can't you look at me, see what I see
Why can't you feel, why can't you feel like, me feel what I feel
Why can't you hurt, why can't you hurt like me, taste the pain I feel
Why must I die, why must I die for you
It's the ugly truth, well it's ugly
It's making me painless

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