A Penny for My Thoughts - Common

[Damon Wayans] "Friends.. Romans countrymen.. lend me a dollar! Ahh-ha!"
"How much? -- A dollar."
[Dan Akroyd] "One dollar.."
[Eddie Murphy] "I got your money.. I got your poor, measly.."
[Dan Akroyd] "One dollar.."
[BizMarkie] "Can I borrow a dollar?"
"N_gga you ain't sh_t.. you wasn't sh_t when you was here!
I seen you do that sh_t all that's the same sh_t
you was doin round the poolroom n_gga
It ain't nuthin -- let me have a dollar"
"Can I have a dolla? One dolla"
[Dan Akroyd] "One dollar.."
"How much? -- A dollar."
[Dan Akroyd] "One dollar.."
"One beer? Man you gotta give me a dollar for a beer"

[Twilite Tone]
Check this out
One time, steps a man
Common Sense and the Unamerican Caravan
The true b-boys, dem dere and we in here
Yeah, ya know, from the Southside of Chicago
and we don't front
Who me? I am Twilite Tone
Babylon dread, Bumstead, and we come like DIS

This the start of somethin big
Methink I knows ya gonna dig it
It's time to plant the seed
Hip-Hop's the tree and I'ma fig it
Figure it out, the mic, I'm rippin it like a ligament
Gimme a light a Bud Light, and sh_t'll get lit just like a cigarette
I'm a b-boy so don't test me, many rappers don't impress me
You try steppin into my city I'll, Snipe em like Wesley
So you best be on your way, I'm doper than Marion Berry, hey
Wake up everyday and make-up rhymes but I'm not Mary Kay
Some say I'm dope as f_ck, some label my rhymes incest
My flex is kinda mean yo, so hey kid, CATCH
These nuggets, these nuggets, these nugget ugget uggets
with some peas and a hole in the bucket (cool, cool)
Dear Liza, Minelli, I jam like jelly and I got
helly what, helly what, HELLY RHYMES
I can remember times when for a 40 I had to beg for bucks
Nobody really gave a, so I had to beg for f_cks
Now what do n_ggaz do when they got not food
Skibbidy skap and busta bust a rap
So I pick up the pen and then begin the thoughts to get to pumpin
Hopin like all the people let me talk, let me say somethin
Cause nothin for nothin leaves nothin, I got nuthin to lose
I put, nuttin in my notes, I'm not your host when I got nuttin to use
Dues gettin credited, now I debit my bank account
Not on a blind date, could I see me taken out
by some glutteus, glutteus, maximus, maximus
I'm spas-ta-gis-a-mister-gis a mister-gis-ta-spas-ta-gis
Spectacular, the papes I Count like Dracula
You can't cut the rug, because you s_ck, MC Vacumn Up
Rappers I skip on like Walter Payton
Their ain't no way or half-step, and flex a rhyme like a bicep
Some steps with concepts, but umm, WHO cares
Not even the damn People Under the Stairs

[Twilite Tone]
Interruption, interruption
True b-boys runnin sh_t
Unamerican Caravan, beatin you down
Den dere's de man who don't stop
Yo Com, come back with some Sense, UHH

Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, here I come, here I come (what?)
A-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, here I come, here I come (yeah!)
I'm comin around the mountain high as lower than a valley
I'm the cat, from the alley, from the back, I'ma rally
and tally up points, rollin joints, risin to the tops
Somewhat of a playwright, cause like a stage I got props
My crew's a strange brew, a drink a day'll keep the stink away
We been through AA, but hey, what can I say?
Say say say, what you want, but you'll pay the con-se-quences
Cause Mister Common Sense is (yeah)
not gonna take it, so leave you better believe it
Even if your name ain't Ripley, cause Ripley don't know diddley
Hit me one time, two times, for the U-AYYY-C
Heyyyyyy, but anyway
I hit a skid, and I peel out like MC Eiht, damn I kill it
Earn my money the old fashioned way - I steal it
Stop thief in the temple, I hit em with a blow
Somebody done stole my beeper but I'ma steal the show
I'm throwin a Heidi Hoe into a bro and tellin her
go for what you know bruh, the people before me go under
Yo we gotta gotta get we gotta get we gotta get
Gotta get, gotta gotta gotta get get over
Somewhere over the rainbow, I'm still the same old same old
Ringin around the collar, borrowin a dollar, check my balls
Dirty drawers, see the kitty s_ckin titties
Video watchin lush from the city
I'm the extra-terrestrial rappers go home cause they have to
Them marks be callin Ork, come in Ork, Nanu Nanu
The perfect stranger, comin in to a, f_ck a new land
Cause Jeffrey where Osborne, and see I'm only human
Doin anything to make a buck, what the f_ck I gotta
do what I gotta go [echoes]

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