Another Wasted Nite with... - Common

[Common's answering machine beeps]
Say brotha
If you ever let me leave out a club
with a big fat ass, stove-like b_tch
like that without point out the facts,
I'ma kick your motherf_ckin ass.
Man that nerve of the hoe not to give me no p_ssy.
Come up in my house tryin to watch movies and sh_t.
This ain't no motherf_ckin cinema, B_TCH!
Who the f_ck she thought I...
Say brotha, I wasted a evening
I shoulda went witcha, but ohh well
You know I gets my p_ssy anyway, you know
That's how playaz do
But gahd-damnit Rashan
That big ass b_tch *cracks up*
If you'da said to spread on that hoe
Man I could kick my own ass
Well, should go to work
Just another wasted nite
And ohhhh, ohhhh
Heyyy, heyyy, what can you say

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