Sweet - Common

You know they be asking 'bout Common, where he at?
I'm doing what I do, hip hop, thats what I do

How can I say this, f_ck it I'm the greatest
I am the A-list for all these great debaters
A lot of ya'll nah nah, forgot na, who I am
The '87 n_gga used to rah rah in the jam
Ow yeah, we put them things in the air
When I drop a single, it's really like a pair
Of Air Jordans, important to the culture
If you aint true to it, callate la boca
Get my drink on like a coaster
Post up on a wall, a mic, used to live off
Hip Hop Master cleanse, I'mma get my sh_t off
Rollin' in a Maserati Gran with the lid off
I bit off like a monster, live n_gga this is my encore
Encore, encore, I rhyme for the commoners
My name synonymous with prominence
I'm to hip hop what Obama is to politics
Common is

Yeah, man, y'all n_ggas man, you soft muthf_ckers
Yeah my man, muthafcker
Then come around my crib
You know where I'm from
Some hoes ass n_ggas
Singing all around me man, la la la
You aint muthaf_cking Frank Sinatra
Uh, lil b_tch
Yeah, this the raw right here
Yeah this the raw right here n_gga
Sweet muthaf_ckas
Sweet ass b_tch muthaf_cka

Wa da da da, wa dada dada da
The C-O double-M O-N, I'm not playin'
Da da man at work, I make my own lane
I'm the franchise so I rock my own chain
No I. said give 'em that 80's c_caine
Somethin' raw, something pure so I stayed in that vain
The hero that he know, that he cold
like winters below in the Geo, wipe ya feet off in the Regal
I'm king, observe the throne and the dream
I have it, supreme like mathematics
Yeah, I rep the fresh air for you asthmatic rap addicts
Pro black magic, this is semi-automatic
Rap we won't jam in traffic
The game need direction, I'm here to map it
Uh, some people say that they be missing creativity
But when it come to hip hop, it begins and it's with me

You know man, you should know where I come from
You should know who I am n_gga
You should never wanna go against me
You know man, you too soft for that man
I be seeing you man, I see it in your eyes man
You aint the type of n_gga to go against me
You get in my presence you gon' feel like a little hoe
You aint a man yet, you tryna be somebody else
Man, be yourself man, you come around my crib, you get your sh_t took
Huh, wherever you go, you probably be overseas in Europe and get yo sh_t took
You's a hoe, you know you sweet
Aint nothing you can do man, people see that man
Broads be seeing you sweet
Done wit' you muthaf_ckas, it's over for you
It's over for you? It's over, sweet muthaf_cka

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