Sunday Morning L.a. - Counting Crows

Sunday morning LA coming down in a KG71,
I wasn't coming to stay,
Going back to the real life soon enough,
Every things all good,
And Everyone is cool,
I'm only leaving down the coast,
Now all I want is something more,
LA time today,
I've been riding a wheel that's coming off,
I had the right of way all the time,
And I feel I'm getting lost,
Just coming around the block,
Hey you seem like a nice kid lets get off,
I just realized that is all fun,
Get off on life and the journey south.

Moving time today,
Someone doing the same things I have done,
We never get away,
These stupid sinners the angels all have guns,
And they're only here until its done,
We only here until we're gone,
Yeah, gone, gone, gone, gone.

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