Certified Bomb - Cypress Hill

Call me the serial rhyme killer
Mic-cord strangling, mangling, tangling, you in the web n_gga
Your head is dangling off of your shoulders
Cause my mic told me to do it cause you wasn't a true soldier
Fake bustas get hit with the clusterbomb
You're a hotdog with no mustard, you're flusterd, I'm calm
Spit heat like a f_cking dragon, bagging you up
Tagging you toe, zipping you up
Clipping you up, mic-cord tripping you up
You're in the dark with no light
and wishing a n_gga had lit you up
So much for wishful thinking, you're body's stinking
You're sinking into the hole and I'm at the top winking at ya

Don't play me too close I'm a certified bomb
Designed to designate all over the tape
Got my Cuban Puertoricans all up in the place
Gonna smash you in the face with tapes check it out

Call me imperial beatslayer
All prayers try to be advisory to rivalry in the battle player
B_tches who lie to me and cry to me use bribery
I'm taking the torch and burn Puffy-music for canivalry
That'll teach you I beat you on every plain
Ain't no other way to reach you, I reach you with pain
Shred you into pieces using the tigerclaw
I'm a cold n_gga you need more than a lighter to thaw
Me and my lyrical Iceberg s_ckers are panic
F_ck what you head I brought down the Titanic
So can it and shut it, I wrote it and bust it
because it never gonna be safe for wack n_ggas I don't trust 'em


Call me superior showstopper, your hiphop legacy
Claim us to remember we break you off proper
Oh you got a short memory? You wanna render me?
Harmless and surrender me for the f_cking enemy?
I won't let ya I bet ya I reign supreme
Make your fans forget ya search ya in front of your team
Make a n_gga smoke a ounce and bounce over the rhythem
And hit em and get another s_ck and hit em with venom
N_gga my name is Sen and I'm real while you're pretending
S_ckers with no style I hope you get offended
So I can lock your ass up with my jawclutches
Then my rhymes will catch you cause they're sharp like Tony Touch's


Yeah, that's right y'all
Gonna smash you in the face
Who be comming on touching me, getting around me
I'm a bomb you know what I'm saying
I'm ready to go off you know what I'm saying
So many motherf_ckers out there talking sh_t, doing their little thing
It's cool you know what I'm saying, go ahead make you money
But don't you be comming around me perplexing playing like a b_tch
You know what I'm saying
Cause I can see your ass right through you know what I'm saying
You're glass homeyboy, you're glass you know what I'm saying
Don't play me too close y'all
I don't think I like you too much you know what I'm saying
Always kicking it, doing what we do
Trying to act like us, trying to sound like us
You're playing me too close motherf_cker
You need too step the f_ck on back
Take your ass on back to wherever the f_ck you come from
You're playing me way way too close you know what I'm saying

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