Here is Something You Can't Understand - Cypress Hill

[Intro - Kurupt]

Yeah b_tch
Dogpound and Cypress you f_ckers
What you think about that?
You brother's don't got it
B-rizzle you know it, fo' shizzle
My nizzle, you gon' get hizzle
Relax by the kizzle
An' go get us a couple hizzles
You dizzles
Yeah with Muggs
What it is
Keep it real gangster
Yeah, B-Real, whaddya gotta say?

B_tch you try to spit on, you best get on
Before things start to happen and I lose my calm,
Cuz I just wanna puff weed and tip my cup (Yeah),
Smoking on a Kush Weed, not giving a F_ck,
Rhyme Flow, Mack-o-hoes and stack dough!
But n_ggas wanna do sh_t to make me react
So "Insane In The Brain", let it rain on a b_tch n_gga
Haning on my chain cuz you wanna be a rich n_gga
You can t feel me without the Braile
I m like that sh_t that will catch you without the Yale
Make busters pale 'cos they seen too much
But really what they saw was me and Kurupt

[Chorus Repeat 4x]

[B-Real] Here is something you can't understand
[Sen Dog] How I Could Just Kill A Man

Penetentionaries stuffed for centuries
You gotta be real like me and B-Real
See you shoot, you ride but we kill
Concentrate unloadin' our steel
Dippin', hit up n_ggas, yes we will
Riding on n_ggas that when the (?) spilled
Pistols launch off and travel like arrows, animals, Hannibal
(?) and unmanageable
What you gonna get, n_gga? (?)
I sic the hot girls on you, so struck by (?)
Get em up drive by,
Watch em gone drive by
Yeah paranoid, we drive by till we die
You n_ggas really don't know sh_t,
I treat n_ggas like hoes when they silly dumb BIATCH!

[Hook 1 - Kurupt (repeat 2x)]

Here is something that they just don't get
I don't give a f_ck n_gga, I don t give a sh_t
Here is something that they just know
Back/Crack to Fo, creepin' through the back door

[Kurupt] I just DOPE BLAST 'em...

... 'Cos I ain t finished yet
I see remains of someone you ain't deminished yet
We re like a pack of *panorama*
In Your *Soul Assessino*
Attackin you, till there is nothing left for your mama
East side, do or die? N_ggas wanna ride
Hitting switches in the Cadillac, getting thru real high
'Cos we live this, (?) this, beatin' like a pistol whip
Don't pull out ya gat if ya gunna let ya pistol slip

[Sen Dog]
I'm ignorin' all the DUMB SH_T, 'cos these vatos can't hang
With the Mad Dog, n_gga, out here runnin' thangs
Dump on that ass if you f_ck with my business
Stop Pop, and drop all of you witness
Glocks lock, and unlock if you listen
Buck shots, hard stops, no more snitches
That's what you get when you f_ck with the Real
H_rdcore N_gga said "Pack That Steel"

[Chorus 4x]


The streets is ran, by heats and mini vans
Invadin the spaces, chucks and fat laces
The "I Don't Give A F_ck" committee's just arrived
With millis and fifty-fives
Homicidally, I've seperated the busters
Blasted the snitches, broke the switches
F_cked the b_tches, invaded the glitches
Stole the riches, booked the (?)
Like f_ck ya (?), n_gga

Poet in the streets, n_ggas livin' on the edge
We take it to the Darkside, gettin' in your head
While you haunt us like a fed, we twist you like a dreadlock
Has I got to hammer talkin b_tches in the bed?
While you f_ckin' with the Soul Assassins in the dark town
And all my latin dog-n_ggas get to hold it down
Now your violatin' 'cos you haters know i'm waitin'
In the silver stack in the parkin' lot
With the handle cocked

[Hook 2 - Kurupt {Sen Dog} (repeat 2x)]

Here is something, that I think you just can t understand
{How I could just kill a man!}
And you wonder why and how it is I could just kill a man
{How I could just kill a man!}
You see, in these streets I pack my heat cuz should it be for real
{How I could just kill a man!}
And if you think you wanna come and test me, then come deal with my steel
{How I could just kill a man!}

[Outro - Kurupt]
You just don't understand
How I could just, kill a man (yeah)
La la la la, la la la la-la

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