Another Public Service Announcement - D12

Hhmm Okay, this is another public service announcement brought to you in part by

[Beating is heard followed by screaming.]

{Kuniva as Rondell Beene}
Shut up punk
Yo, this thing on?
Good, good hell yeah
Look I'm speakin on behalf of D12
And if you get offended by words like:
B_tch, hoe, sissy, faggot, homo, lesbian, fudge packer, clit eater
All that sh_t like that
Then u should turn this sh_t off right now
Because that's just some of the sh_t
Naw, that is the only sh_t that u gonna hear right here on this album
It's not date on having creativity or some sh_t like that
That ain't the case
We just like sayin sh_t like that just to f_ck witcha
Eh, I told you to hold him down now he runnin
But f_ck it


Goddamnit if you would have just stayed still nothing would have happened to you
It just goes to show
When you f_ck around with us
Sh_t can Happen

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