Bizarre (Skit) - D12

{Bizarre} Man did you see that hoe with them big tities?
{Kuniva} Yo n_gga what's goin on fool?
{Bizarre} Whatup my n_gga?
{Kuniva} Nuttin man, yo, this is my girl right here SinD right here
{Kuniva} SinD this is Bizarre I was tellin you about
{Kuniva} That's my n_gga
{Kuniva} Yo look I'm bout to run in the store and get some forties and a coupla blunts
{Kuniva} Man you why dont you go to the store with me
{Bizarre} All right
{Kuniva} All right bet, I'll be back in a little bit n_gga
{Bizarre} Aight my n_gga

(Music start playin in the background "Bizarre's gonna rape ya")

{SinD} So how long you been on Eminem
{Bizarre} Eminem? Sh_t I don't know Eminem, I'm just in town for this little jazz festival and sh_t
{Bizarre} You know, something on the side
{Bizarre} Yo can I get you some sparkling water and sh_t? You want some water?
{SinD} No, no, no thanks
{Bizarre} How about some pig feet
{SinD} Naw, I'm straight, I'm ready to smoke
{SinD} Damn, what's takin the Kuniva So long?

{Bizarre farts}

{SinD} No the f_ck you didn't!
{Bizarre} Girl chill out that sh_t came from my soul
{Bizarre} F_ck that sh_t you better out dead youknowwhatimsayin
{Bizarre} And I want you to give me a little kiss though

{Bizarre farts again}

{SinD} A kiss? Kiss you where?
{Bizarre} All right I'm a tell you, I'm a tell you, I'ma tell you in your ear

(Music stops)

{Bizarre} On my booty

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