Nasty Mind - D12

You want me to do what?
What are those?
You want me to stick those in what?

(Chorus) {Bizarre}
What is on your nasty mind?
(Nasty mind, nasty mind)
Don't you wanna get f_cked from behind?
(From behind, from behind)
They treat me like a dirty slave
(Dirty slave, dirty slave)
And beat me like I won't behave
I just wanna get freaky baby

I'm to Swift on my toes
To get caught up with you hoes
You don't know me (uh huh)
See I ain't gotta front to play the role (for real)
I'm a Know-G
I know when you're being phony
See you're probably boning them officers
Just to pull up on me (sl_t)
That's why sixty percent of women is lonely (uh huh)
They getting my mix only
They trying to creep slowly because they nosy
I ain't listen to what my momma told me
I f_ck 'em and pass 'em to my homies (right)
Then he f_ck 'em and pass 'em to the homies (take her)
I'm a nasty ass macaroni
You flashing fast money
You can pass the Roley
F_ck a alimony (b_tch)
If you want me
And ain't out screaming about your monthly
I'll be sticking your pretty ass until you turn ugly (damn)
You suddenly see stars when f_cking me
Ain't no m?nage
It's I-want-'em-in-threes
Release your garments (trick)
It ain't even me to hold back
I'll f_ck your moms quick
Have her running around this b_tch screaming
"That's my d_ck!!"

Yo, I know I'm dogmatic
But your p_ssy walls have had it (that's right)
It's evident that you been f_cking like a jackrabbit
But I stay focused (b_tch)
So I acted like I didn't notice
And f_cked her with no baby lotion
And bust in the soap dish
Hoe you can quote this
Your breath is smelling like
You done s_cked a senior citizen's old d_ck
Go spit (damn)
You gon' get chocked quick
Talking all that hoe sh_t
All agressive asking for a slow kiss
No b_tch (get the f_ck outta here)
You like freaking
See you every night creeping
S_cking off the nice deacons
Sl_t you made his wife leave him (cunt)
So keep slurping
I'll be down to the fullest
But forget it b_tch
Your nipples look like AK bullets (I'm out)


{Kon Artis}
Yo, I'm tearing down whatever you built
Your marriage is through
Cuz I answered your wife's door naked
Wrapped in a quilt
Hoes say,
"Kon Artis got a d_ck so big"
Man, I could persuade any b_tch
To have eight of my kids
Sh_t, b_tch
I should be locked up
For having honies' legs cocked up
In the back of my pop's truck
I'm not f_cked up
I just got a fetish for shooting
Cumm in coochie
Till the p_ssy is booting it back out
I 69'd this one b_tch and she bled in my mouth (sh_t)
Kicked her out
Cleaned the couch out
And beat up my crouch
I don't gotta creep in motels
I cheat at my house
See I'm a dog
I don't need to keep a secret hide out (naw)

All night I been snorting
Your age and where you're from
Is just not important (naw)
You look like one of my mistresses
On welfare, ten kids like the rest of my b_tches
Dreams of f_cking a handicapped b_tch
S_ck my d_ck while your teeth start to grit (whore)
Inner slave, that's how I want you to treat me
I ain't into S&M
But I love when you beat me
I told you I was a horny ass freak
While I'm beating my meat
Your daughter acting like she asleep (ya right)
My love is like thunder and lightning
After it's over
I'm looking like I got my ass kicked by Tyson


I just wanna get freaky baby (x2)

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