Steve Berman - D12

{Eminem} Hey Steve, Vanessa said you waned to see me
{Steve} Marshall, I can call you Marshall right?
{Eminem} Uhh, sure
{Steve} Good, sit the f_ck down for a second
{Eminem} Okay
{Steve} Do you just f_ckin hate me?
{Eminem} Hate you?
{Steve} What the f_ck have I ever done to you?
{Steve} Your last record, we got lucky
{Steve} This D12 album is f_cked
{Eminem} What's wrong with it?
{Steve} I don't wanna rape my grandmother
{Steve} I don't wanna have sex with pitbulls
{Steve} I wanna roll on dubs, I want throw bows, I wanna rock prada
{Eminem} Rock prada?
{Steve} And who the f_ck is this Bizarre guy?
{Eminem} What do you mean
{Steve} Do you need a cat-scan?
{Steve} Where the f_ck did you find this guy
{Eminem} I mean, I've known him like...
{Steve} This album's never coming out
{Eminem} Steve, you've only heard one song
{Steve} F_ck you
{Steve} Get the f_ck outta here
{Steve} Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowww
{Eminem} Okay, okay, sh_t

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