Everytime You Go Away - Daniel K

Oh angel love - you have a thousand hearts in one
Why are you crying?
Oh angel love - can't find a way where you belong
Your heart is dying
But when you go, I'm just a loser
But when you stay a thousand smiles stay in my heart
Oh can't you stay, it's just forever
Baby why you tearing apart?

Everytime you go - my dream is gone
Everytime you go away
Everytime you go - I can't be strong
Oh baby baby come and make my day

Oh angel love - we're ships passing through the night
Why are you crying?
Oh angel love - I feel your love oh deep inside
Love's never dying
Oh please don't go, don't end this story
And if you stay a thosand violins will play
And if you go then it's forever
Baby you will always make my day

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