Hey Girl - Dashboard Confessional

Hey girl, you've got a smart way
About you that makes me wish that I was smart enough for you
Hey girl, you've got a fine laugh
And I think that I can get used to that
And you're already used to laughing at me

So what if your friends think I'm crazy, well
I wasn't trying to impress those girls anyway
They're all theories and no action
Where I'm from we live like it's the latest attraction

And go on, go on, your cruel intentions will
Solve your problems, everyone's gotta be
Brought up, brought up out in the long run
And those are the ones that I want to be with
Hey girl, you've got a short fuse
And I've got designs on lighting you off
And setting you off and watching you burn out

The world lives for the weekends
Well I watched as my weeks bleed right into them
Without a rhyme to define what has passed
And what is mine


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