July - Dashboard Confessional

It's yet to be determind,
But the air is thick,
And my hope is feeling warm, I'm missing home,
And i'm glad your not a part of this,
Theres parts of me that will be missed,
And the phone is always dead to me,
So i can't tell you the temperature is dropping and it feels like,
It's colder then it oughta be in March,
And i still got a day or two ahead of me,
Till I'll be heading home into your arms again,
And the people here are asking after you,
It doesn't make it easier,
It doesn't make it easier to be away,
And i'd like to hop a plane and see you in the morning,
When the day is fresh i'm coming home again,
Coming home again,
Coming home again,
When the day is fresh i'm coming home again,

It's warmer where your waiting,
It feels more like July,
Theres pillows in napcases,
And one of them is mine,
You wrote the words "I love you" and sprayed it with perfume,
It's better then the fire is to heat this lonely room,
It's colder where your waiting it feels more like July,
It feels more like July.

[Repeat First Verse]

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