Another Glass of Wine - Dave Matthews Band

so tender eyes
such a smile
i'm consumed again
by the look
look you throw my way
the two of us alone now
you and me
what could we
what could we get up to tonight
on our day off
away from my wife
away from your man
away from our lives
here stuck together
you and i
man see it,

well lady
won't you have a
another glass of wine
maybe we can loosen up
loosen up our minds
take this rollercoaster
into tomorrow morning
rogue kiss sweat
and say mine there tonight
i've been meaning for your eyes
and your lips
been stealing me away now
said to watch you and me walk well
i say you and i away
say be mine tonight
tomorrow we'll go back to being friends
go back to be friends
you and i
i know tjos smile
never felt this
and yes tonight recklessly
recklessly play
you play my game
and i'll play lovers
and can we roll
sweat kiss and live out
live up until the morning
the sun creeps up on us
tells us go home
tells us go home again
tell us to go back to our marriage
and children children children
say it
so lets say i love you tonight
lets lay low
lets have some more wine
and say tonight you'll be mine
well i've only taste of your love on my mouth
and taste of my on yourself
and lets stay up
and forvive it
and sail away today
and tomorrow go back to being friends
tomorrow go back to being friends

i'm taken
i'm smitten with you
say well say it over
i do i will
i play with you same and still
wandering with me
take all of it
stay with me for a moment
saying stop
not saying stop but stay
leave on my mind
oh no one's to blame
lover wait
life, oh my life
i love you
god no
oh my love my love my love
my life my life
say goodbye
say goodbye
say goodbye

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