For The Beauty Of Wynona - Dave Matthews Band

the ingots are burning red
im working time and a half
tomorrow i stay in bed
what a hell it is what a life

i bound my fingers why dont you
laugh with the rest who know it well
i tripped and then i fell
for the beauty of wynona

oh at night i toss and i turn
i try to dial your number
ah its changed and god only knows
where youve been since last december

where youve been with that twisted smile
throwing another on the pile
it aint easy when we go down
for the beauty of wynona

ah the girls they skip double dutch
i saw you go now im gone
but our prayers dont mean nothing much
with a heart that cannot be won

im now here in your fishing net
lying here in my own bed
[raah!] it aint easy when you go down
for the beauty of wynona

drowning in the tears i shed
for the beauty of wynona

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