Once In A Wild Afternoon - Dave Matthews Band

Hey man I noticed you were

You were crying

Ohh shame on you would leave it inside

Mind open your mind you say "no, well no, will I"

Hey cause yourself all alone

You will lie down

Oh, put yourself away from all your love

And you will soon lie down

Said I can leave it way open eyes

I go to you see me whine

See me lie here

Oh, call see me whine call you way down

The pain has been riddling me oh will I, yeah

Open, I will

I will leave it to destiny to choose which way I go to

I will leave destiny

To choose which direction it is that I'm gong to

My face open eye you leave I mean I

And I will

And we will leave most men, most men lie

I fear that we will go away most men, most men

Leave us crying

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