Hold on - David Choi

You fought your way up to the wall
But haven't gone past at all, while gazing with tear filled eyes
You cant help but ask why
Trying hard is what it takes
Then why does it feel like a mistake
The world has taken its side
You just want to run away...and hide

Its tough
There's no one to turn to
I hear, screaming inside you,
Feels like hells all you been through
Hells all you been through

Hold on...
Don't stop your breathing
I see your dreams and
I feel them too
Hold on
Don't lose your faith
I know you cant break
I'm hoping and

Praying for you...
For you [x2]

All your pieces seem far away
But you know there comes a day
When everything is so bright
All the darkness you feel....subsides
In the rising of the sun,
You can finally say its done
The world will take your side
And your heart will start to shine

I will
Holding on to you
There is
Nothing you cant do
I will try to be strong...
Try to be strong


Praying for you

Ill never let go of you [x3]


And waiting for you...

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